Image consulting

Distinguish yourself by working on your image. The look, the attitude one adopts, and the colours worn are a reflection of your personality. Regardless of the setting in which you wish to present yourself, enjoy valuable image advice to better leverage your assets.


As an image consultant, I will guide you in defining your style; advise you on how you can radiate every day within your personal or professional environment. Much more than a simple makeover, starting with your personality and how you would like to present yourself, we will work together on your wardrobe and also on your general appearance, taking into consideration your attitude, your morphology, and your hair style. Through an analysis of your dressing style and the manner in which you make-up, particularly through the definition of the colours and tones that suit you, my guidance will allow you to improve your image in its entirety and you will feel comfortable both in your clothes and in your skin.


For you gentlemen, my image consulting services are tailored to your needs, your desires, and to how you want to present yourself both professionally and personally. With a well thought-out style, that suits you best, you’ll be sure to leave a good impression. Together we will establish a set of dress codes in coherence with your body type and your personality that will be a reflection of your character and your desires. Since non-verbal communication is as important as the spoken word, we will also work on attitude, the way in which you hold and present yourself.


In business, I’ll help you redefine your team or business unit’s appearance by providing my image coaching service. With my personalised coaching you can be sure that your staff in the field will always make a good impression, both through their suitable style of dress as well as through their professional attitude to meet workplace demands and the standard you want to reflect. We will work together on your company’s brand image through employee dress codes, but also by defining the correct attitude to adopt vis-à-vis clients and partners.


  • Better know oneself
  • Define your colours
  • Your morphology
  • Your face
  • Orientation


  • Your universe in colours
  • Your clothing colours
  • Testing by drapage
  • Basic colours & harmony


  • Analysis
  • Morphology
  • Lessons in style
  • The correct basics
  • Lines & material


  • Tips on developing your wardrobe
  • Corrections
  • Evolutions
  • Sorting and review of advice & guidance for your future purchases


  • Appointment at a hairdresser specially selected for you
  • Makeover cut
  • Colours / Strands / Care


  • Personalised lessons
  • Your colours
  • Skin tone preparation
  • Day & evening makeup


  • Personalised shopping assistance
  • Discovering new brands and boutiques
  • Coaching of all styles and shopping tips