Fashion Stylist

As a fashion stylist, I define codes and clothing styles that liven up photo shoots, filming of videos and advertising campaigns. According to the particular mood you want to create and keeping an eye on current trends, I pick out the clothing and accessories in collaboration with the fashion designers, boutiques and brands that are currently influencing fashion.

Passionate about design and fashion, my aim is to promote the latest trends consistent with the visual creation of your project and the universe and mood you are trying to capture.

By integrating the creative team in charge of a photo or video shoot, depending on the style or mood you are going for, I would lay out a selection of clothing and accessories chosen from the latest ready-to-wear fashion collections. Taking advantage of my services and recommendations, give your campaign the touch of elegance it deserves.

Staying abreast of the latest fashion trends requires maintaining excellent relations with brands and fashion designers. To make my selections, I go from Antwerp to Paris via Brussels and Luxembourg, working with a number of partner boutiques, creators and fashion designers eager to develop their collections and creations.

Because style, being much more than just choosing an outfit, is as much in the attitude we adopt and in one’s manner, enjoy a clearer, more informed view on fashion and the latest trends as well as tips from a fashion aficionado willing to guide you in your creative endeavours.